Friday, June 6, 2008

Evening lightning

I got back to my room after dinner, and as always, a moth of two entered the room with me before I got the door shut. One was sort of fluttering along on the floor near the door, and it wasn't more than fifteen seconds before a hairy black spider the size of my thumb crept out, seized the spider, and dragged it out of sight. It only took a moment; then there was no sign that anything had even happened. How's that for creepy?
The others are going out caiman-hunting tonight (in the sense of finding them, not of killing and eating them), but I'm staying back; I got my fill of that sort of thing in Australia many years ago now, and I think I'd rather read my book and relax. The frogs are making a racket, and my bed looks a lot more alluring than another stint on a hard wooden seat.
Dinner was the usual; dessert was fried bananas with a creamy caramel sauce. They always use bananas at this lodge, not plantains; I don't know why. I have this photo of a different dessert, though, not sure what happened there. This is a guava paste dessert that I think I mention elsewhere in the blog; sorry for the out-of-order photo, but I won´t be able to find it later...
The storm seems to have missed us. Lightning is flashing in the distance every couple of seconds, but we got only a few drops of rain. It's hot and muggy now.

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