Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back home

  Well, I'm now back in sunny California!  It feels a bit odd to be back.  The apartment feels so spacious and clean and white to me that it's like I've gone to the heaven of Hollywood movies; it doesn't feel normal after spending weeks in a hotel room so small I can't spin around without touching the walls (or stand up straight without banging my head).  I just drove around on some errands, and that felt odd too.  My flight home was very long, about 28 hours in transit all told, but uneventful.  They pretended to lose my luggage, but I discovered it where they had hidden it, on the wrong carousel.  Such playful people those airline baggage handlers are; it must come from a work environment that revolves (so to speak) around "carousels".  It's like they're just happy, mischievous, luggage-destroying clowns.
  By the way -- and this is the real reason I'm posting at all today -- I've just added a References Cited section to my talk in this blog, for those who want to look up the primary literature.

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