Sunday, May 25, 2008

Buena vista

Well, I'm set up at my transition hotel, the Buena Vista Inn near the airport. The view out my window is only marginally buena; I can see the ocean, but most of the view is of some big ugly concrete apartment buildings whose view is more buena than mine is. It's out in the middle of nowhere, but the guy at the desk says I can order a pizza to be delivered, so that's fine. In another hour or so, when the sun is a bit lower, I'll walk over to the beach and see whatever can be seen. They are doing a load of laundry for me, apparently gratis, which is very nice; I don't really need it yet, but it will be one less thing to have to do in Manaus right away. Best of all, though, they have Wi-Fi! So if there's anybody who is itching to chat with me, or maybe even have a voice conversation, send me a message through Skype (user: cloudkom) and if I'm not out beach-combing or something, I'll answer. Offer valid for the next five hours or so only, though, and then I'm going to bed. The taxi picks me up at 4:30 AM. Will the fun never end?

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yeppokamja said...

It's nice to chat with you~!
yeah~! Amazon!!!